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Vanessa Stewart is an experienced Feng Shui educator/advisor offering workshops and consultations in Washington State and across the U.S. Additionally, she is Director of the Seattle division of the Feng Shui Academé, founded to provide quality education to the public. 

Vanessa has three primary goals. 

  • Foremost, to help those seeking Feng Shui advice successfully locate the true professionals in this field. 
  • Second, as a Feng Shui instructor to provide original information gleaned from her teachers/Masters, undiluted by ego or attitude. 
  • And last but not least, to help clients remove seen and unseen obstacles, thus improving ch'i flow and ultimately enhancing their lives.

Vanessa has an extensive feng shui education and connection to the art.  In addition to extensive study with His Holiness Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun, Vanessa also studies with HO Lynn Tu, most senior student of Professor Lin Yun.

She attends workshops, seminars, conferences and lectures with the leading Masters/teachers of Feng Shui including Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun, Ho Lynn Tu, and Katherine Metz.

Additionally Vanessa is currently teaching some amazing classes & online programs. Vanessa also helps people to clear their clutter and organize their homes to better assist the chi flow as well as help support them in creating the home of their dreams.

Check out her other endeavors at:

  Your Coach for Clutter Free Living!

Clutter Coach & Home Organization


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